Richard Self

Senior Lecturer in Analytics & Governance
University of Derby

Academy universities, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the development of a range of Analytics based degree programmes.

His current research focus is into the governance issues raised by information technology in general and Big Data Analytics in particular. Over 110 students recently worked on assignments identifying and evaluating the challenges and opportunities posed to SMEs by Big Data, using the 12 Big Data Vs as the basic analytical framework. The research focus for his students during 2014/2015 is aimed at characterising the level of reliability of data generated in the Internet of Things.

He is a programme committee member of the annual Knowledge Management in Organisations conference. He was one of the co-chairs of the Big Data & Analytics 2014 conference in Las Vegas in Oct 2014.

He has presented conference papers on aspects of Information Governance, Analytics and Knowledge Management at a range of recent conferences.

His home page is