Big Challenges for Big Data

The majority of industry respondents believe it is more important for operators to harness the power of Big Data to drive new revenues streams externally than to drive efficiencies internally. By 2016, almost every operator to which Big Data is relevant should have embarked upon their strategy with a view to bringing greater advantages in customer retention, segmentation and targeting as well as network planning and optimisation.

Key takeaways:

80 per cent of operators will have a Big Data strategy in place by 2016.
60 per cent of operators see customer retention as a key application for Big Data.
• The greatest challenge to bringing Big Data projects to fruition is poor inter-departmental communication.

Moving on from last year’s questions about the Cloud, we were keen to learn how operators intend to make use of Big Data to boost their revenues and capabilities.

In last year’s industry survey over 80 per cent of respondents said they expected operators to own their own cloud infrastructure by 2015, with over 90 per cent expecting operators to be selling cloud services within thesame time frame. Over the past year there has been a great deal of activity in this area—and not a little hype—indicating that
these expectations were on the money. This year we chose to make our cloud focus more granular and cast a searching eye over Big Data initiatives in the telecoms sector. From the responses we found that around 60 per cent
of operators—and a similar proportion of the industry at large—believe that it is more important for telcos to harness
the power of Big Data to drive new revenue streams externally than it is to turn it to the advantage of their own
internal operations. Yet when questioned in more depth about their Big Data strategy, the spread of responses suggested a real ambiguity in the purpose of such an initiative. Almost a quarter of operators said that their organisation has Big Data initiatives in place for addressing both internal and external opportunities. Twelve per cent of respondents said there was an internally focused Big Data strategy in place and ten per cent an initiative focused on external revenue streams. Among those operators that do not currently have Big Data strategies in place it is clearly on the agenda; 22.2 per cent of operators said introduction of such an initiative was planned for this year and ten per cent said one was planned for 2015.

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